ConeLabs – ConeLabs mission is to revolutionize inspections and keep people safe. Our end-to-end solution provides true integration from field work to the final report.

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    Lengthy and costly inspections

    Traditional inspections in building exteriors and infrastructure are time-consuming, intrusive and disruptive, all resulting in added operational costs.

  • Complexity and risk

    Operations downtime, occupational health, human error, lack of a common data environment. All these factors add layers of complexity and risk to the project.

  • Disconnected data

    Inspections based on 2D imagery are fallible and limited, often requiring new surveys if further information is needed, resulting in thousands of disconnected images that need to be manually verified.

we offer

Capture data with
off-the-shelf hardware

Our platform is data source agnostic.
Upload your images and process your own 3D-models
on a web-based application.

High detail
3D reconstruction

We provide the best-in-class models with photorealistic textures. If a feature can be visualized and inspected with the source imagery, it will be visible in the model.

inspection tools

From measurements to annotations and labelling, our platform offers professional features that are intuitive and accessible to all stakeholders.

shareable models

Our secure platform is designed to enable remote teams to inspect models collaboratively based on a single source of truth. Share your models as web links that can be visualized by all teams using a consumer-grade computer.

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How it works


Collect images using a smartphone, camera, drone, etc.


Upload the images to our cloud system and receive your high-resolution 3D model


AI analyzes your model collaboratively with sophisticated tools


Extract your inspection data or link your ConeLabs model with a project report

Why automate inspections?

ConeLabs offers an engineering-grade platform to eliminate manual and repetitive processes, empowering engineers and technicians with automated, centralized and comprehensive tools.

Increase quality and
Focus on higher-level
Minimize risks and
operational disruption

we serve

  • Buildings

    Analyze envelope defects such as infiltration, poor insulation and weather damage for quantity takeoffs and heritage preservation

  • Utilities

    Inspect power generation, water, elecommunications, oil and gas infrastructure with full surrounding awareness

  • Transport

    Monitor structural health of bridges, roads, aerial and marine infrastructure with precise location, and severity levels

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